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Teachers have a massive workload. Then to top it off they have huge additional administration requirements, such as continuous report writing and development of Individual Education Plans. Teachers spend upwards of 30 hours each semester writing detailed and individualised school reports.

That’s why we developed an online reporting system that dramatically reduces the amount of time teachers’ need to spend filling out school reports and writing general report card comments. You can spend more time in the classroom and with your families, where your time should be.

Complete School Reports is a software program that helps you create detailed, individual and professional school reports in a fraction of the time. Our online reporting system has been developed by a team of teachers across Australia and is linked to the National Australian Curriculum. Sign up for a free trial today to see how much time you can save writing your academic and report card comments!

As primary school teachers, we understand the frustration that comes with writing your school reports. We have spent countless hours outside of the classroom writing report card comments. We have gone through the rigorous report writing and editing process and dealt with our frustrated families. Don't get overwhelmed during report card time. Get back to teaching and spend your time where it should be, in the classroom.

Spend Less Time Completing Reports


25 hours on average to complete
your school reports each semester


Less time on each report card means
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The online reports are accessible
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"Can I really spend less time on my report cards?"

Teachers spend an average of 30 – 50 unpaid hours each semester writing their report cards. Report writing happens after hours and on the weekends, usually at the cost of time with your loved ones. Writing your report cards takes your time away from the classroom, where you can be creating engaging lessons. Our online reporting program will dramatically reduce the time it takes you to write your school reports and help you create professional, detailed and individual academic and general report card comments.