Five Free apps to use in your Classroom!

Keeping up with the latest technology can be difficult. There always seems to be new apps available, which is great in theory, but who has the time to download and test them!? Here are 5 of my favourite apps, which I have used regularly in my classroom. The best bit is that they are all free, so you have nothing to lose by giving them a go!

1. Book Creator
Book Creator is a fantastic tool to use in your classroom. Your students become authors and publishers as they create a book from a blank template about anything. The app has the functionality to add in text, images, drawings and even sound. The free version lets you make one book whereas the paid version is unlimited. If you’re stuck on an activity to do about a new topic, why not consider having your class make a book?

2. Pic Collage
Pic Collage is a great way for your students to make a poster about any topic you like. They can add text, pictures and drawings. It is a wonderful way to present information which you can print out and display around your room. A little tip though… Don’t let your students use the internet search function within the app. For some reason, it’s not censored like your school’s internet is. Instead, have your students do a google search from their internet browser, save the image and put it in that way. I learnt this the hard way!

3. Class Dojo
Class Dojo is now much more than just a behaviour management tool, it’s also a way to connect families to your classroom and to teach growth mindset strategies. Kids love showing off Dojo Points to their family (Points earned for good behaviour during the day) and parents can log in to see what they got points for. I also love that it is a messaging tool where you can send home information or share work samples.

4. Kahoot
Kahoot makes quizzes fun and I’m sure your class will love it! Firstly, set up a teacher account you can connect your class to. Once you’re logged in, you can create your own quiz on any topic or look through their library of quiz resources. When you start your quiz, it will create a unique code that your students type into their app and they can start your quiz. You can have teams or use it as an individual tool. I use it as an informal assessment tool when I’m beginning a new topic. I would have someone asking me to play Kahoot almost every day!

5. Quick Maths
Quick Maths is the perfect early finisher app during your Math lessons. You can choose your level of difficulty and students have to solve the mental math problems on the screen. They can write the answer largely over the screen which helps with recalling facts quickly. I use this app with a challenge board at the front of the room where students have to try and complete a round in the shortest possible time! They LOVE it!

Have you tried any of these apps before? What apps do you use in your classroom?

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