Five Technology Storage Solutions on a Budget

Keeping your classroom technology in a neat and organised manner can be hard work. Cords get tangled, students get lazy and we are always packing away in a rush! I have searched Pinterest to find cost-effective, easy and neat iPad storage solutions that you can use straight away.

1. Drying Rack Storage

Organise your iPads with a drying rack from K-mart or Target. iPads are stacked neatly in each slot and you can also use cable ties to attach a power board for easy charging.

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2. Individual Storage Boxes

If you want to have individual storage boxes for students this is a great option. Use magazine boxes with a hole in the back… And voila! You now have storage boxes that double as a charging station. Every iPad will have a place and each student will have their own pigeon hole to store their technology in.

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3. Numbered Storage

A great way to keep numbered iPads separated is using a small washing basket like the photo below. Add some wooden rods from Bunnings and you have a cheap and organised system!

Photo from –  https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/AcocQ5NAgHnSaNTMdca_aXlT-LpokfocvjCofXP6CEzOCyypHZtATrU/

4. Use an old filing cabinet

If your school budget doesn’t allow $2000+ on an iPad storage unit, consider using an old filing cabinet. Place a drying rack inside the drawer for separating each device. A hole can be placed in the back for easy charging. The best bit? It’s secure and easily locked!

Photo from – https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/562246334701478444/

5. Paper Storage Box

Use a paper storage stand to sort and organise your tablets or laptops. Each iPad can be numbered to go back in the correct slot, or each child could have their own pigeon hole.

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Clean up cord clutter!

I love this DIY charging station to clear up cord clutter on your desk. I find that I often have my iPad, laptop and phone cords around and getting tangled. This simple hack using a box is a great (and pretty!) way to keep your cords organised.

Photo from  – https://www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com/2015/06/a-simple-diy-family-charging-station.html?epik=07GMiE_IWnyZz

What do you use to store your classroom technology items?

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