Benefits of School Report Writing Software

When your school reports are looming, the pile of paperwork on your desk can become overwhelming. You have to ensure your records of student achievements are up to date with relevant information and detailed assessment results. Then, you have to combine all of your data and write individual report comments for various academic areas and comment on your students’ behaviour and effort. That’s where our school report writing software can come in to help you get your academic and general report comments written in a fraction of the time. All so you can get your weekends back!

Benefits of Using our Report Writing Software

At Complete School Reports, our reporting software enables teachers to develop detailed, individual and professional report comments. Each comment has been written to reflect various student achievements, behavior and effort so you can trust there will be comments to reflect the individual students in your class. Our system archives and organises your reports every semester to assist you with your assessment and reporting. You can easily look back on your previous semester’s report comments to see how a student has performed.

Here are some benefits to implementing a school report writing software:


Using your Complete School Reports membership will save you countless hours of writing individual report comments. There is no need to spend a long time thinking of ways to word challenging behaviours such as disruptive, stubborn or disrespectful as we have you covered! We cover various subjects including Mathematics, English, HASS, Science, The Arts, Technologies, Religious Education and Health. Each subject has been linked to the Australian, Victorian and Western Australian Curriculum so you can be rest assured that we have report comments to suit your individual needs. Each comment is updated in real time, so you can edit comments as they appear if you wish. Once you have completed your report comments, you can easily export your document in a PDF or Word format. Saving time on your report comments means that you can get back to planning engaging, worthwhile lessons for your class.

Easy To Use

Our school report writing software is designed to be as user friendly as possible. We have Youtube tutorials explaining how to use our features and have a support team available to help you with any questions you may have.

Enhanced Level of Reporting

Reporting time at school is stressful and tiresome. Not only do you have to write 20-35 individual reports, you also have to keep up with the demands of everyday teaching and be a functioning human at home! Complete School Reports has comments that have been individually written by teachers around Australia. You can trust that each comment is linked to the curriculum and relevant.

Safe to use

Our reporting system is safe to use and can be accessed anywhere with internet. You can use your membership on a desktop computer, a tablet or mobile device. All of your confidential student information is stored on our secure server and can only be accessed by you when logged in.

Sign up for a free trial today to see the benefits of our school reporting software for yourself.

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