How does this work?

Complete School Reports assists Australian primary school teachers, just like you, with writing your Academic Reports and Individual Education Plans in a fraction of the time. You simply:

  1. Drag and drop your class list

  2. Have our system create individualised, detailed and professional report comments based on each students’ progress

  3. Export your comments in your chosen format (Excel, Word or PDF)

  4. Get back to teaching!

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Spend Less Time Completing Reports


25 hours on average to complete
your reports each semester


Less time on reports means
more time for you and your family


The reports are accessible
any where and are mobile friendly

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Don't worry about your next reporting
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our report outcomes are linked to the Australian Curriculum for years Foundation – Year 6. We cover the subjects English, Mathematics, Science, HASS, The Arts, Languages, Technology and Health. Next, we will be updating our system to reflect each state curriculum.


Your data is automatically saved every 30 seconds to our secure server, you don’t need to click save. If you exit from the program, you can log back in and start from where you left off.


Our system is backed by a safe and secure server connection. Your confidential student information cannot be viewed by anyone else but you.


We use a third party, PayPal, to process all payments. We do not save your credit card information and we cannot view it.


Sign up for a free trial today to get started! Once you've sign up, you should receive an email with your login details. If you didn't, please check your junk folder. If you have any trouble logging in, please email


Teachers spend an average of 20 – 50 unpaid hours each semester writing their reports. Report writing happens after hours and on the weekends, usually at the cost of time with your loved ones. Reporting takes your time away from the classroom, where you can be creating engaging lessons. Our program will dramatically reduce the time it takes you to write your reports and help you create professional, detailed and individual comments.


Is this worth the investment?

If you consider an average teaching wage of $80,000 per year and a 10-hour working day throughout the term, teachers earn roughly $40 per hour. Writing reports takes anywhere from 20 – 50 hours, sometimes even longer! That is worth between $800 - $2000+ of your time every semester. Our program has an introductory price of $87.95 and will enable you to write your academic and IEP reports for a full year in a fraction of the time. Your time is precious. You shouldn’t have to spend countless hours writing reports, let us help you.