How to Recharge During the School Holidays


As you know, teaching is an exhausting job. You have just taught for 10 or 11 weeks straight and now you’re ready for a break! But how do you make sure you recharge over the holidays? Sometimes they’re so busy that we come back to school feeling anything but refreshed. Here are my top tips for making sure you relax and recharge during your precious time off.

Plan Ahead 

Becuase school work doesn’t plan itself, there will probably be some work to do over the holidays. Pre-plan when you’re going to do it, that way the thought of the work won’t be hanging over your head and making you feel guilty for avoiding it. Set aside a time, whether that is an hour or two an afternoon for a few days or two days of solid work. Now the hard bit, no thinking about school, Pinterest surfing or checking emails outside of your allotted time allowed! Plan ahead and stick to your guide!

Read for Pleasure 

Our school term is spent reading curriculum documents, report comments, emails, student work etc. Take the time to read something that you actually want to read! Or better yet, if you’re exhausted, download an audiobook and immerse yourself in it!

Catch up with an old Friend

Think about who you have been meaning to catch up with for months or even years! Give them a call and organise a time to catch up and try a new restaurant. It’s a perfect time to reconnect! If you have old friends or family who live far away, organise a time to Facetime each other. 

Have a ME Day 

What do you love doing? Organise a day where you can get a massage, get your nails done, have an interrupted lunch somewhere you’ve been wanting to try, or binge watch a Netflix series in your PJ’s. Self-care is SO important! 

Get outside

Find a new hiking trail, go visit the beach or a new park. Discovering new places in your local area can be a great way to get fresh air and relax. Get around the oxygen, sunshine and mother nature!


You’re on holidays and probably running on empty from a hectic term! Take time to sleep in and even sneak in a few day naps! Your next term self will thank you.

See What’s Happening in your Local Area

  Look up event pages to see what’s happening in your area over the school holidays. You can search for events through Facebook or on Eventfinda. Looking up these events at the start of the holidays will give you a chance to plan ahead and purchase tickets if you need to. If you have kids, local events will usually have free events on for children. 


Recharging and looking after yourself is SO important. If you’re feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, it’s almost impossible to give your classroom your best. Don’t feel bad for being selfish over the holidays by taking care of yourself. It will make you an all-round better person! 


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