Naplan 2020

Naplan 2020

Under the direction of the national education ministers the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) aims to assess and improve the national curriculum and the academic performance of young Australians through the NAPLAN 2020 test.

Are the NAPLAN Tests Going Ahead in 2020?

For the 2020 NAPLAN, the decision has been made to cancel all testing due to a disrupted school year. Since 2008, education ministers have used the results of NAPLAN to improve the Australian curriculum.

How can we use the ACARA NAPLAN data and the assessments results to improve the performance of students? What is the best teaching strategy that can help prepare students for NAPLAN?

Click Here to see some online Nap sample assessments.

Can a Parent Withdraw their Child from the NAPLAN Tests?

Yes, a parent can withdraw their child from the testing program. If they feel like their child is struggling to prepare for the test, the best person to speak to is you, their classroom teacher through their schools first.

If you’re considering practicing some NAPLAN sample assessments with students in your class, it could be useful to see the current online Nap sample assessment results

Preparing Students for 2020 NAPLAN Online

The best way to prepare your students for their NAPLAN test is to review previous nap sample assessments results in a testing environment. This will ensure that your students understand the layout of the assessment, nap style sample questions and the assessment results. After your students have completed an assessment in a testing environment, they may feel more at ease when the real NAPLAN test week is happening in your school. Once your students have completed their tests, it is a great opportunity to review test answers and discuss their nap assessment results as a whole class and individually.

Getting the Latest NAPLAN Test Results can Help Identify Weak Areas of Understanding

The 2019 assessment results show that the writing skills of year 7 and 9 students has declined.

Across many schools, teachers may feel that they have exhausted all means of teaching to help year 7 and 9 students develop their writing skills. Some schools are looking to adopt fun and creative techniques which can help encourage students to improve their writing.

How Do we Improve Results?

The first way is journaling. It can be a great way to express thoughts, ideas and improves students’ writing skills in an informal manner. It can also help encourage correct sentence construction which is an advantage when taking the NAPLAN tests.

The second is fun games such as crossword puzzles and other word games. It prompts students to write down words and phrases which is an excellent way to practice spelling, grammar and punctuation.

A third way to prepare students for NAPLAN online is to improve their brainstorming skills by helping coming up with various ways to answer the set questions to prepare for the tests. You can use the NAPLAN online, nap sample to help you create brainstorming questions.

Useful Tip to Improve Students’ NAPLAN Testing Results

Letting students try various sample assessments is an effective way to improve test results across schools. Visit ACARA to view test papers, sample assessments and the latest NAPLAN online nap results that can aid in teaching and learning. 

Encourage students to check out the NAPLAN sample assessments in their schools to become comfortable and feel more prepared for the test.

Assessment Results and Making your Life Easier

NAPLAN will not be going ahead in 2020 in schools due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Data from 2020 may not be as useful for your planning and assessment due to the disrupted year all schools have experienced.

These unprecedented times have added extra stress and work-load to the lives of teachers around Australia. Suddenly, you have to learn about remote learning, teaching and assessment. It is a difficult time for everyone trying to adjust to our new normal.

Online Reporting Solution

There are several ways to make your life easier as a teacher, such as encouraging schools to adopt and implement online programs to save time. Using an online tool such as Complete School Reports to help with your reporting can save you countless hours. Sign up for a free trial today to see how much time you can save writing your report comments. 

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