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Today on our blog we are going to do something a little different and compare our Complete School Report’s membership with a membership through Report Robot Online. How does Complete School Reports serve as Report Robot Alternative? Complete School Reports and Report Robot Online are both report writing software that are designed to save you time when writing your report comments. But what is the difference between the two products? Below I will outline some of the various features so you can determine which product best suits your needs.

Report Robot Alternative
Australian Curriculum


Both Complete School Reports and Report Robot are linked to various curriculums around Australia. Report Robot has content related to several curriculums including Australian, Western Australian, Victorian and New South Wales. When you sign up for a Report Robot membership, you will need to select your curriculum before making your purchase and you will only have access to that state’s curriculum content. Complete School Reports is also linked to various curriculums, including Australian, Victorian and Western Australian. We are currently working on aligning with the New South Wales curriculum too. When you sign up for a Complete School Reports membership, you will have access to all curriculums and you can select one or interchange between them in the settings section of your profile. Complete School Reports has an added bonus of including Religious Education as a subject for teachers in all curriculum choices. Start your free trail today.


Complete School Reports and Report Robot have various features to make writing your reports online quick and easy. Both memberships enable you to write your comments for all curriculum areas and general comments, however, Complete School Reports also has Religious Education Comments and the ability to assist you in writing your individual education plans. An extra feature is the ability to copy and paste the selected outcomes from one student to another. For example, if you have more than one child who has achieved the same for several outcomes you are reporting on, you can copy the selected outcomes from one student to another to save you time manually clicking each box. Both memberships allow you to export your report comments in an easy format.

Individual Education Plans

Report Robot Alternative teaching product

Complete School Reports also features the ability to generate Individual Education Plans (IEP’s) for your students. This is a section that is not offered with a Report Robot membership. The IEP section will enable you to record important student information such as student medical history, therapy sessions, meeting notes, learning objectives and goals. When developing your student goals and learning objectives, you will be able to select from various options from a pop-down menu that best suit the needs of your student. The learning goal may be centred around a learning area such as reading, writing or addition, or a social goal such as playground interactions, listening skills or appropriate physical touch. Your IEPs are always available for you to assess learning objectives, update meeting notes or to set new goals. Each report is easily exported as a Word or PDF document so you can take it to meetings or share it with your student’s other teachers as required.

These are the main similarities and differences when comparing a membership between Complete School Reports and Report Robot which should enable you to make a decision that best suits your needs. Both memberships have been designed to save teachers countless hours writing their report comments so you can spend your time on more valuable classroom activities. Sign up for your Complete School Reports free trial and see how our program compares as a Report Robot alternative.

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