30 Report Writing Examples for the Challenging Students in your classroom

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Writing your school reports can be tedious and time-consuming work. Here are 30 free report comment examples for you to use when writing about the challenging students in your class.

  1. I would like to see ___ apply more effort next semester.
  2. When ___ applies consistent effort, he/she is capable of producing quality work.
  3. ___ often needs regular reminders to stay on task.
  4. ___ often gets distracted by his/her peers and needs reminding to stay on task.
  5. When ___ applies himself/herself, he/she produces work that he/she can be proud of.
  6. I would love to see ___ look for more ways to help in the classroom.
  7. ___ cannot be trusted to work well in groups and often requires close teacher supervision.
  8. ___ is encouraged to show more responsibility in the classroom.
  9. I would like to see ___ take more responsibility for his/her behaviour in the classroom.
  10. ___ often needs reminding to use class time wisely.
  11. ___ requires frequent reminders to put his/her hand up and not call out during mat sessions.
  12. I would like to see ___ be more respectful to his/her peers and listen to their insights during a discussion.
  13. ___ is learning to show positive listening skills such as sitting still, keeping his/her hands to himself/herself and not calling out.
  14. ___ is learning how to follow classroom routines and procedures.
  15. ___ is often a reluctant participant in group discussions and needs teacher encouragement to add an appropriate comment.
  16. ___ is very energetic and participates in activities, however, he/she often needs reminding to stay on task.
  17. I would like to see ___ come to school prepared each day with his/her homework folder and appropriate equipment needed.
  18. ___ is encouraged to maintain a positive attitude when faced with a problem.
  19. As a goal for ___, he/she is encouraged to ask for teacher assistance when he/she is unsure of the task.
  20. ___ is encouraged to seek assistance in concepts learnt in class to ensure they are understood, well before a test.
  21. ___’s lack of consideration for others by continually interrupting his/her peers continues to disrupt our classroom environment.
  22. ___ requires regular reminders about our classroom rules and expectations.
  23. ___ has displayed disruptive behaviour consistently this term. This is an area where I would like to see him/her apply more effort.
  24. When ___ is focused, he/she is a joy to have in class.
  25. I would like ___ to see how his/her actions effect his/her peers and often make them upset in the classroom.
  26. I would like to see ___ show more respect to his/her teachers and other adults that enter the classroom by giving eye-contact and an appropriate greeting.
  27. ___ needs to apply more consistent effort into the presentation of his/her work.
  28. ___ is very quick to shout out an answer instead of putting his/her hand up.
  29. ___’s attitude is slowly improving, and with teacher encouragement, he/she is starting to participate in class discussions.
  30. When ___ slows down and checks his/her work, he/she can often produce something he/she can be proud of.
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