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Here at Complete School Reports, we have worked hard to develop report writing software to make your life as a teacher easier. Our membership will give you access to our software for two reporting semesters, which will save you countless hours writing your primary school report card comments. Each report comment has been thoughtfully written by Australian teachers and is l­­inked to the Australian, Victorian and Western Australian Curriculum. 

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Our academic report card comments cover areas of the curriculum such as Mathematics, English, HASS, Health, Science, Technologies, The Arts and Religious Education. Once you have uploaded your class list, you can start generating report comments for each student in your class. Each outcome from the curriculum will have several report comments choices for you to choose from based on your students’ academic performance, behaviour and effort. There are report comment options for each curriculum outcome based on whether your student has exceeded, achieved or are working towards understanding the chosen outcome. If you generate a comment and you don’t like the sound of it, you can easily click re-generate and a new report comment with your chosen outcomes will be generated. Once you have completed your report comments, you can easily export them as a PDF or Word document.

General report comments can be tiresome and difficult to write. When you have to consider how to write individual comments about challenging behaviours, a broad range of effort shown and 20-35 different personalities, it can easily take hours! Our membership will assist you in writing your general report comments in a fraction of the time. We have hundreds of individual comments based around personality traits, general classroom activities and student effort. Our report comments for personality traits range from negative to positive, such as disruptive, stubborn and immature, to respectful, hardworking and creative. Report comments about general classroom activities range from handing homework in on time, participating in discussions, arriving on time through to following classroom rules. Using our report writing software will dramatically reduce the time it takes to write detailed, thoughtful and personalised report comments for the students in your classroom.


Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are an important document where you justify and comment on how your classroom is being modified to meet the individual needs of a student in your class. Creating, reviewing and editing IEP documents is a rigorous process. Your Complete School Reports membership will give you access to our IEP writing document. Here, you will be able to choose from a vast list of outcomes and report comments to include. Our outcomes range from academic subjects, to hearing and visual classroom adjustments, and fine and gross motor skills. Your document will always be available so you can comment on progress throughout the year and include information from parent meetings, or update the report to include notes from a specialist your student may receive therapy with.

Complete school report features

Our report writing software has been designed to help teachers, like you, save a significant amount of time writing your report card comments. You shouldn’t have to spend countless hours away from your families writing your reports. Your time is better spent creating engaging lessons and spending time with your loved ones. Get your weekends back and start your Complete School Reports membership today to see how much time you can really save!