Why Choose Complete School Reports?

Complete School Reports has been developed by a primary school teacher, Hannah, who understands the constant demands teachers face when writing their report comments. Writing your report comments can take anywhere up to 50 hours each semester of unpaid work outside of school hours.

When writing your student report comments, there are many things to consider. You are typically writing 20-35 individual student report comments for various academic areas, as well as general comments. You have to consider academic ability, behaviour, effort and have it written in an easy to understand format. These report comments are written outside of school hours, so you are still required to teach, mark, create engaging lessons, do lunch duty, communicate with parents, attend staff meetings, keep up to date with your admin requirements, somehow fit in a lunch and bathroom break… and be a functioning human being.

Report Writing Comments Benefits

Are you as exhausted as I am?! That’s why we developed Complete School Reports. An easy to use, report writing software to get your report comments done in a fraction of the time, and to save the sanity of teachers in the process! Why spend countless hours reviewing and writing report comments when you can access a huge bank of student report comments professionally written by teachers around Australia. When you sign up for a membership with us you will see how easy it is to get your student report comments completed. You simply:

- Import your class list
- Select your subject area
- Tick the outcomes you would like to report on
- Select if the student has exceeded, achieved or are working towards the selected outcome
- Edit a comment box as it updates in real time (you can even re-generate a student report comment if you don’t like the sentences that have appeared!)
- Export your comments in a word or PDF format
- Get back to teaching!

Our software has many features to make writing your student report comments as easy as possible. Your membership is available anywhere with internet and is accessible on mobile, desktop and portable devices (No one will know if you’re writing your comments during a staff meeting!). The report comments are linked to the Australian, Victorian and Western Australian Curriculum and written in a parent-friendly format. Our system will save your report comments as you’re writing them so you can easily pick up where you left off. You can also use your membership to create, edit and monitor your Individual Education Plans (IEP’s). Our membership is the place to go for your student reporting needs.

It really is that simple. You shouldn’t be spending your weekends writing student report comments. Let us help you get your weekends back! Sign up for a free trial today to see how much time you can really save.

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