How to Write your General Report Comments

One feature of your Complete School Reports membership is the ability to generate your general comments for your students' report cards. We have hundreds of general comments to choose from based on various personality traits, classroom behaviours, your students’ general demeanour at school and the effort they have displayed throughout the year.

Vast Range of Personality Traits

You spend more than six hours a day with your students and know them so well. That’s why it’s important to have a wide range of descriptions to best suit the 20-35 individual personalities you have in your classroom. To tailor individual general comments to best suit the description of your students, we have an extensive list of personality traits. An example of just some of the personality traits available for your general comments include:


Ambitious Bossy Cheerful
Calm Confident Creative
Disruptive Energetic Funny
Friendly Easy-going Quiet
Hard-working Neat Respectful

General Classroom Activities

Once you have selected your personality trait, you can then develop the body of your general comments from a series of classroom activities and scenarios. Some of these include:


How often homework gets completed 

How often they arrive on time

How often your student listens to instructions

If they are respectful to the school environment

If leadership skills have been displayed

Their ability to work independently

Commitment shown to work

Following class/school rules

If they participate in discussions

How well they work in groups

How to Export your General Comments

You can choose how often your selected student has completed these options and tick either consistently, often, sometimes, or never. As you select options that best suit your student, your general comments will be updated in a real-time in a text box. You have the option of either selecting the box and a random comment will be generated for you, or you can select an individual comment from a drop-down menu that best describes your student for their report card. If you don’t like the sound of the comment that has been generated for you, you can click the re-generate button. This will give you a brand-new comment created from the outcomes that you have selected.

Once you have completed your general comments for your class, you can export your document in Word or PDF format. We have two exporting options available; you can either export all of your general report card comments at once onto one document, or you can export your report card comments by each individual student, with each subject and general comments listed on a page. With our general report card comment function, you are able to create individual, detailed and easy to understand comments that suit each individual student in your class.

Video Support

To see a video on how to create your general comments please visit our YouTube channel

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